Unified Deep Linking (UDL)

UDL flow

  1. The SDK is triggered by:
    • Deferred Deep Linking - using a dedicated API
    • Direct Deep Linking - triggered by the OS via Android App Link, iOS Universal Links or URI scheme.
  2. The SDK triggers the OnDeepLink method, and passes the deep link result object to the user.
  3. The OnDeepLink method uses the deep link result object that includes the deep_link_value and other parameters to create the personalized experience for the users, which is the main goal of OneLink.

Check out the Unified Deep Linking docs for Android and iOS.


  • Requires AppsFlyer Android SDK V6.1.3 or later.
  • Does not support SRN campaigns.
  • For new users, the UDL method only returns parameters relevant to deferred deep linking: deep_link_value and deep_link_sub1-10. If you try to get any other parameters (media_source, campaign, af_sub1-5, etc.), they return null.
  • onAppOpenAttribution will not be called. All code should migrate to OnDeepLink.
  • OnDeepLink must be called after initSDK.
  • AppsFlyer.cs must be attached to the game object.


  1. Attach AppsFlyer.cs script to the game object with the AppsFlyer init code. (AppsFlyerObject)
  2. Assign OnDeepLink to AppsFlyer.OnDeepLinkReceived in Start()
     AppsFlyer.OnDeepLinkReceived += OnDeepLink;
  3. After initSDK() implement OnDeepLink.


using AppsFlyerSDK;

public class AppsFlyerObjectScript : MonoBehaviour
  void Start()
    AppsFlyer.initSDK("devkey", "appID", this);
    AppsFlyer.OnDeepLinkReceived += OnDeepLink;
  void OnDeepLink(object sender, EventArgs args)
      var deepLinkEventArgs = args as DeepLinkEventsArgs;

      switch (deepLinkEventArgs.status)
          case DeepLinkStatus.FOUND:

              if (deepLinkEventArgs.isDeferred())
                  AppsFlyer.AFLog("OnDeepLink", "This is a deferred deep link");
                  AppsFlyer.AFLog("OnDeepLink", "This is a direct deep link");
              // deepLinkParamsDictionary contains all the deep link parameters as keys
              Dictionary<string, object> deepLinkParamsDictionary = null;
              if (deepLinkEventArgs.deepLink.ContainsKey("click_event") && deepLinkEventArgs.deepLink["click_event"] != null)
                  deepLinkParamsDictionary = deepLinkEventArgs.deepLink["click_event"] as Dictionary<string, object>;
                  deepLinkParamsDictionary = deepLinkEventArgs.deepLink;

          case DeepLinkStatus.NOT_FOUND:
              AppsFlyer.AFLog("OnDeepLink", "Deep link not found");
              AppsFlyer.AFLog("OnDeepLink", "Deep link error");