Deep Linking - Installation

Getting started

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Deep Linking Types:

  1. Deferred Deep Linking - Serving personalized content to new or former users, directly after the installation.
  2. Direct Deep Linking - Directly serving personalized content to existing users, which already have the mobile app installed.

Unified deep linking (UDL) - an API which enables you to send new and existing users to a specific in-app activity as soon as the app is opened.

For more info please check out the OneLink™ Deep Linking Guide and developer guide.

Android Deeplink Setup

App Links

For more on App Links check out the guide here.

URI scheme in Android

Full setup guide for URI scheme in Android can be found here.

iOS Deeplink Setup

Universal Links

For more on Universal Links check out the guide here.

Essentially, the Universal Links method links between an iOS mobile app and an associate website/domain, such as AppsFlyer’s OneLink domain ( To do so, it is required to:

URI scheme in iOS

Full setup guide for URI scheme in iOS can be found here.