Integration testing 🆕


After completing the SDK integration, it's recommended to test it. Testing ensures accurate and comprehensive data collection and delivery.

Testing the integration

Testing verifies that the SDK:

  • Starts and successfully establishes a connection to AppsFlyer, with no networking/authentication issues.
  • Relays attribution data correctly.



To perform this test you must implement conversion data.

If you don't use conversion data for purposes other than testing, remove conversion data listeners before releasing your app to production.

It's performed by:

  1. creating an AppsFlyer attribution link and using it to simulate a user clicking an ad.
  2. Installing the app on a registered test device.
  3. Inspecting onConversionDataSuccess's payload.

Debug apps

To avoid mixing production data with test conversions and in-app events, you can test the SDK integration using a debug app.

Debug apps differ from production apps in that they:

  1. Have a different app ID.
  2. Have their own instance in the AppsFlyer dashboard.
  3. Are not published to app stores.

Creating debug apps involves adjusting your app build configurations and adding a new app in the dashboard, to be used for testing purposes.

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