Integration testing


After completing the SDK integration, it's recommended to test it. Testing ensures accurate and comprehensive data collection and delivery.

Testing the integration

Testing verifies that the SDK:

  • Starts and successfully establishes a connection to AppsFlyer, with no networking/authentication issues.
  • Relays attribution data correctly.

It's performed by:

  1. creating an AppsFlyer attribution link and using it to simulate a user clicking an ad.
  2. Installing the app on a registered test device.
  3. Inspecting the conversion data.

Debug apps

To avoid mixing production data with test conversions and in-app events, you can test the SDK integration using a debug app.

Debug apps differ from production apps in that they:

  1. Have a different app ID.
  2. Have their own instance in the AppsFlyer dashboard.
  3. Are not published to app stores.

Creating debug apps involves adjusting your app build configurations and adding a new app in the dashboard, to be used for testing purposes.