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License: MIT
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This plugin is built for

  • Android AppsFlyer SDK v6.10.3
  • iOS AppsFlyer SDK v6.10.1

AD_ID permission for Android

In v6.8.0 of the AppsFlyer SDK, we added the normal permission com.google.android.gms.permission.AD_ID to the SDK's AndroidManifest, to allow the SDK to collect the Android Advertising ID on apps targeting API 33. If your app is targeting children, you need to revoke this permission to comply with Google's Data policy. You can read more about it here.

❗❗ Breaking changes when updating to 6.6.0 ❗❗

  • Starting version 6.6.0, there is no more need to differentiate between iOS and Android APIs. All APIs must be called with AppsFlyer class (even if the API is only iOS or Android).


Before 6.6.0:


After 6.6.0:


❗❗ Breaking changes when updating to 6.3.0 ❗❗

  • 6.3.0 supports Universal Windows Platform. As part of this update, the AppsFlyerObjectScript changes to include the app_id for your UWP app. If you made changes to this file, please merge them with the new AppsFlyerObjectScript.
    Please also note that you can leave the uwp app id field empty.

  • From version 6.3.0, we use xcframework for iOS platform, then you need to use cocoapods version >= 1.10

⏩ Migration

Migrating from the old plugin? (version V4)

View the migration docs here.

⚠️ There are breaking changes when migrating to Unity v5. This includes new API, different class/package names, and the removal of com.appsflyer.GetDeepLinkingActivity.

🚀 Getting Started

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