Getting started

Getting started with the AppsFlyer SDKs.

Getting started with AppsFlyer SDKs

AppsFlyer empowers marketers and helps them make better decisions.

This is done by providing marketers with powerful tools that solve real pain points. These include cross-platform attribution, mobile and web analytics, deep linking, fraud detection, privacy management and preservation, and much more.

Native SDKs and plugins

The AppsFlyer Software Development Kits (SDKs) and plugins are your primary way to tap into our ever-growing ecosystem of digital marketing services. By integrating our SDKs, you get attribution out-of-the-box. You also gain access to many more SDK features.

Native SDKs

The native SDKs utilize OS-specific APIs and optimizations to enable a better user experience. They contain the core functionality that also powers our plugins, which are thin wrappers around the native SDKs.


Plugins are SDKs for cross-platform frameworks. They wrap around the native SDKs and use them under the hood, exposing their functionality to cross-platform applications.

Integration guides

SDK features

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