Input parameters

The following table lists the possible parameters OneLink can pass as an input.

The input map holds two kinds of data:

  • Attribution data
  • Data defined by the marketer in the link (parameters and values)
    Parameters can be either:
    • AppsFlyer official parameters.
    • Custom parameters and values chosen by the marketer and developer.



  • The following table is relevant for AppsFlyer SDK 5.4.1 and above.
    • Parameters may not be present or renamed in earlier SDK versions
  • The parameters not marked as deprecated are relevant for all OneLink types:
    • Short URL
    • Long URL
    • All OS's links:
      • Android App Link
      • Universal Links
      • URL schemes (both iOS and Android)
Parameter nameTypeDescriptionRemarks
af_dpStringURI scheme URL.Fallback to App Link.
For example: afbasicapp://mainactivity
linkStringThe full link that was used to perform the deep link.Example:
deep_link_valuestringThe value name for the specific in-app content that users will be directed to.
pid (media source)StringOneLink's media source, e.g. email, SMS, social media.
install_timeStringTime of the first app launch.Deprecated
Example: 2020-05-06 13:51:19
schemeStringThe first word in the URL, that identifies the protocol to be used to access the resource on the Internet. For example: mygreatapp://mainactivity or
Never use http or https for URI schemes
hostStringIdentifies the host that holds the resource. For example: mygreatapp://mainactivity or
pathStringThe specific resource in the host that the web client wants to access. For example:**H7JK**Deprecated
Not relevant for URI schemes
shortlinkStringA shortened URL, with significantly fewer characters than the original link. For example:**checkitout**
af_web_idStringToken for People Based Attribution.
af_statusStringDeprecatedPassed only in URI scenario
af_deeplinkBooleanDeprecatedPassed only in URI scenario
c (campaign)StringName of the marketing campaign.The value set by the marketer in the AppsFlyer dashboard.
is_retargetingBooleanMarks the link as part of a retargeting campaign.The value is set by the marketer.
af_ios_urlStringFallback URL when deep linking fails on an iOS device.Passed to Android devices as well, even when not relevant
af_android_urlStringFallback URL when deep-linking fails on an Android device.
af_sub[1-5]StringOptional custom parameter defined by the advertiser.Values set by the marketer in the AppsFlyer dashboard.
Recommended for passing parameters relevant for in-app routing.
af_adsetStringAdset is an intermediate level in the hierarchy between campaign and ad.Value set by the marketer in AppsFlyer's dashboard
af_channelStringThe media source channel through which the ads are distributed. For example: UAC_Search, UAC_Display, Instagram, Facebook Audience Network etc.Value set by the marketer in AppsFlyer's dashboard
af_adnameStringAd name provided by the marketer/publisher.Value set by the marketer in AppsFlyer's dashboard
af_cost_currencyString3 letter currency code compliant with ISO-4217. For example, USD, ZAR, EUR
[Default]: USD
Value set by the marketer in AppsFlyer's dashboard
af_cost_valueStringCost value in using cost currency.Value set by the marketer in AppsFlyer's dashboard
af_click_lookbackStringConfigurable number of days for the lookback click attribution period.Value set by the marketer in AppsFlyer's dashboard
af_force_deeplinkBooleanForce deep linking into the activity specified in af_dp value.Relevant for iOS only.
Value is passed to Android, even when not relevant.