True Revenue is a business logic layer built to serve the AppsFlyer in-app purchase and subscription revenue solution. It automatically calculates the net revenue value for each incoming transaction in real time and includes it in reports.

The net revenue amount is calculated in part based on the geo-based tax rates defined using the True Revenue tax API.

You can use the API to:

To create a tax rate rule, you need the following parameters and values as instructed by your marketer.

Parameter Mandatory Remarks Value (as recorded by the marketer)
tax_name Yes

Name appearing in the customer invoice that describes the specific type of tax. 

Example: Sales, VAT, GST

tax_rate Yes

Number up to 4 decimal places representing the tax percentage to be collected.

Example: 7.25

tax_exclusive No
  • Boolean parameter, either true or false.
  • False means tax is included in the overall revenue.
  • True means tax is in addition to the overall stated revenue. For example, in the USA or Canada, where the sticker price doesn't include sales tax.
  • Default is false.
country No

Two-letter ISO country code for which the tax is applied.

Example: GB

subdivision No
  • For some countries, there can be an additional state/subdivision.
  • Handled according to ISO 3166-2 subdivision codes.
  • Must include the country code and subdivision code.

Example: US-CA

postal_code No
  • String of letters and/or numbers

Example: L4J8E3

deduction_order No
  • Enum, either 0, 1, or 2:
    • 0 means store commission is deducted first from the gross revenue and tax is deducted from the remaining amount.
    • 1 means tax is deducted first from the gross revenue and store commission is deducted remaining amount.
    • 2 means that both tax and store commission are deducted from the total revenue.
0, 1, or 2