Android Organic Search Attribution


App owners using Android App Links for deep linking (without OneLink), who have a domain associated with their app can attribute sessions initiated via this domain using the appendParametersToDeepLinkingURL method.


  • Android SDK 6.0.1+.
  • Call this method before calling start.


Input parameters

Stringcontains A domain name to identify URLs
Map<String, String>parametersParameters to append to the deeplink URL after it passed validation

Provide the following parameters in the parameters Map:

  • pid
  • is_retargeting=true

Usage example

HashMap<String, String> urlParameters = new HashMap<>();
parameters.put("pid", "exampleDomain"); // Required
parameters.put("is_retargeting", "true"); // Required
AppsFlyerLib.getInstance().appendParametersToDeepLinkingURL("", parameters);
mapOf("pid" to "exampleDomain", "is_retargeting" to "true")) // Required

In the example above, the attribution URL sent to AppsFlyer servers is: